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FreightGeneralLong-distance freight roadmap – Please comment.


The EU FP7 project TRANSFORuM has released its draft roadmap on long-distance freight. Background and “destination” is the European Commission’s White Paper on Transport. The draft and a summary of conclusions is now available. [více]

Urban MobilityGeneralDraft roadmap towards clean urban mobility available for comments.


TRANSFORuM is getting close to releasing its final roadmaps towards the goals of the European Commission’s White Paper on Transport. Feel free to comment on the latest draft. Here are some snapshot conclusions from the roadmap on clean urban mobility:[více]

GeneralUrban MobilityFreightHighspeed RailITSTRANSFORuM draft roadmaps released for pre-review.


Sample image from roadmapThe "stakeholder-driven" roadmaps TRANSFORuM has been working towards in the last 20 months are now available as drafts. Everyone is welcome to comment until October 5.[více]

GeneralProf. Schellnhuber confirmed keynote speaker.


"The bigger picture" is the working title for this keynote with the aim to remind all participants of the wider shared challenges. [více]

GeneralD5.1 "Case Study Repository" now out.


D5.1 coverThe European Commission has approved TRANSFORuM's Deliverable 5.1 with the Title "Transformation is possible." [více]

GeneralDeliverable 4.2 approved: "The potential to enact change".


TRANSFORuM deliverable D4.2 "Challenges and barriers for a sustainable transport system – exploring the potential to enact change" has been approved by our project officer at the European Commission.[více]

Urban MobilityFreightHighspeed RailITSGeneralTRANSFORuM's ITF results now available.


The results of our "sticker game" and "budget allocation game" from the International Transport Forum in Leipzig (May 2014) are now available in a separate event section of our website.[více]

Highspeed RailGeneralTRANSFORuM workshop on High-Speed Rail held in Rome.


Rome workshop attendeesThirteen external stakeholders attended TRANSFORuM's second workshop on high-speed rail[více]

FreightGeneralLong-distance freight workshop held in Duisburg.


Duisburg workshopDuisburg workshopThe TRANSFORuM project continued its second series of thematic workshops with a stakeholder event in Duisburg on June 4 and 5 2014, focussing on long-distance freight. The related goal in the European Commission’s 2011 White Paper on Transport specifies that “30% of road freight over 300 km should...[více]

GeneralD5.1 approved - "Good Practice repository".


With the subtitle "Transformation is possible" our deliverable 5.1 has just been approved by the European Commission.[více]

General"Challenges and barriers for a sustainable transport system – state of the art" report now available.


TRANSFORuM's project officer at the European Commission has approved our deliverable 4.1, the report on "Challenges and barriers for a sustainable transport system – state of the art". The document is available in the TRANSFORuM library.[více]

GeneralTRANSFORuM project exhibits at the ITF 2014 summit in Leipzig.


The TRANSFORuM stand at the ITF. TRANSFORuM project coordinator Ralf Brand and our colleague Kristin Tovaas have set up an interactive booth to engage with the public and gather feedback during the three-day event, from May 21 – 23.[více]

GeneralITS9 external stakeholders gathered in Tallinn to discuss the implementation of the Transport White Paper.


The TRANSFORuM stakeholder group in the city center of TallinnThe second TRANSFORuM workshop on Multimodal Information, Management and Payment systems took place in Tallinn, Estonia, on May 20 and 21. [více]

GeneralTRANSFORuM at the ITF Summit.


TRANSFORuM announced its presence with its own stand at the forthcoming ITF summit in Leipzig, May 21 - 23.[více]

Urban MobilityFreightHighspeed RailITSGeneralThematic Workshops for Spring 2014 now confirmed


A 2nd series of thematic workshops will be organised for the spring of 2014. The purpose of these events is to consolidate the 2.0 draft version of the roadmaps. [více]