Vienna, January 2014

2nd Joint Forum Meeting, January 28 - 29 2014

Halfway through its project lifecycle, TRANSFORuM held its 2nd Joint Forum Meeting, hosted by our partner organisation Austriatech (ATE) in Vienna. The purpose of the event was to discuss and refine the roadmap 1.0 drafts. We invited 3-5 carefully selected experts and stakeholders for each of the four thematic area to this event. In addition we invited a number of experts in areas that cut-across and affect all thematic areas such as funding, acceptability, governance, standards and regulation etc.

Further information about the event is available in the following documents:

  • The briefing paper for the event with logistical information, a list of participants, a detailed agenda and the groundrules for the event;
  • A brief description of the cross-cutting issues we identified based on stakeholder inputs so far.
  • Detailed minutes of the event, including a summary of all seven workshop sessions


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For any question related to the logistical aspects of this event please contact the TRANSFORuM helpdesk at or on +46 13 204318. You will reach our friendly Ulla Kaisa Knutsson from our Swedish project partner VTI.