Thematic Workshops 2014

A second set of Thematic Workshops has been organised during the spring and early summer of 2014. They were held at locations that allow the hands-on experience of certain interesting cases of mobility-related innovations. The purpose of these events was to consolidate the 2.0 draft version of the roadmaps.

These events took place at the following locations and times:

  • Clean urban mobility: Copenhagen, Denmark. May 14 - 15. All participants were (and the wider public too of course is) encouraged to peruse the briefing paper for this event, which contains information about the purpose of the event, some guiding questions, a preparatory survey and - most importantly - a background paper, which is a condensed version of our current roadmap draft. Its structure, content, style etc. was a key focus of the discussions in Copenhagen. The minutes are available online. For a brief report about the event please visit our news section. There you can see that we also had some fun on a tour with the "world's smartes bike" (as they call it), the BYCYKLEN.
  • The workshop on Intermodal travel information, payment and management system (ITS) took take place in Tallinn, Estonia on May 20 and 21. For this event we also prepared a briefing paper with key logistical information and of course explanations about the purpose of the event, some guiding questions and a brief pre-event survey. It also includes a "background paper," which contains the essence of our current thinking about how the roadmap 2.0 on ITS could be structured, what building blocks it might feature, which policies it might recommend, which actors we identified etc. See the news feature about the event. In the spirit of transparency we also make the workshop minutes publicly available.
  • Long distance freight: Duisburg, Germany. June 4 - 5. For this event, we also provided a briefing paper with logistical and travel information. More importantly, it contains an abrideged version of our roadmap 2.0 on long-distance freight, which will be revised, updated, and sharpened in light of the discussions and results from the Duisburg workshop. We asked all attendees to also fill in the very brief survey, which is included in the briefing paper and to bring their responses to the workshop. All attendees also had a chance to visit the VanDieren / Samskip multimodal freight hub just outside of Duisburg. See the separate news item about this event. As usual, the detailed workshop minutes are available as well.
  • High-speed rail: Rome, Italy. June 12 - 13. The "background paper" for this event with an abridged version of the draft roadmap 2.0 is available. The document also contains important logistical information about the workshop and the list of top-level attendees. As usual for TRANSFORuM workshops we also organised a site visit to give the topic literally a tangible component. In Rome we visited technical facilities of Frecciarossa and Frecciargento trains as well as the OstienseItalo Terminal. A second optional site visit took us to the control room of the Roma–Napoli High-speed Rail line with Fabio Crocollo (Italian Ministry of Infrastructures and Transports). See the related news item on our website and, most importantly, the minutes of the event.


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For any question related to the logistical aspects of TRANSFORuM events please contact the TRANSFORuM helpdesk at or on +46 13 204318. You will reach our friendly Ulla Kaisa Knutsson from our Swedish project partner VTI.