26.09.2014 |

The European Commission specified a vision for MIMPS in its Transport White Paper. We listened to stakeholders to gather ideas how this could be reached. Take a look at (and comment) on the draft roadmap. For the hasty reader: Check out some key conclusions.

Snapshot conclusions:

  • We need a common vision and understanding of how a multimodal, information, management and payment system should look like in Europe.
  • Many different but often proprietary solutions already exist and must be considered.
  • Independent start-ups could do much more if the had they data.
  • Business interests and investments must be protected.
  • We need to clarify how much integration does the traveller actually need and want.
  • Further clarity is required on how much privacy people are prepared to give up for the sake of convenience.
  • Minimum levels of services must be defined.
  • Integration of local and long distance transport is essential.
  • Defined data exchange formats are necessary to ensure compatibility.
  • Private operators must be on-board to ensure full benefits.
  • On-trip information is getting more and more relevant.
  • Social media can push development by established operators.


See our library section for the actual draft roadmap.

Eventually, the final version will be released and discussed during TRANSFORuM's final conference in Brussels on December 8 2014.