"Transformation is Possible. Roadmaps for the Future of Transport in Europe"

European Stakeholders express their views

Conference live-stream from 8 December 2014 (provided by the Committee of Regions)

JDE62 Room main webstreaming (10h00 - 17h45 )

All keynotes, plenary sessions & thematic sessions on urban mobility and long-distance freight

JDE51 streaming (the parallel session 14h00 - 16h30)

Thematic sessions on high-speed rail and multimodal transport information, management and payment systems

Conference presentations

Selected slides from presentations
Selected slides from presentations



Conference rationale

Since early 2013, the FP7 project TRANSFORuM has been developing “stakeholder driven” roadmaps towards the implementation of the European Commission’s White Paper on Transport. Four goals mentioned in this strategic document are TRANSFORuM’s particular focus:


  • Clean urban mobility (phasing out conventionally fuelled cars; essentially CO2-free city logistics)
  • Long-distance freight (shifting 50% of road freight over 300 km to rail and waterborne transport)
  • High-speed rail (a majority of medium-distance passengers will use rail, rather than cars or planes)
  • Defining the framework for a multimodal transport information, management and payment system


TRANSFORuM conducted online and paper surveys, engaged practitioners in social media discussions, interviewed almost 40 experts and – most importantly – discussed key issues with around 150 stakeholders in various workshops all across Europe to ensure we capture the whole breadth of stakeholders’ views on the future of transport.


The conclusions are of highest relevance for all players in the European transport arena, including policy makers, businesses, service providers, operators etc. They are also extremely important as input for the review of the Transport White Paper. Also the EU Commissioner for Transport, Violeta Bulc, pointed in this direction during her hearing of her candidacy in front of the European Parliament. She implied that the White Paper remains highly valid and needs to be filled with life through "a constant collaboration and constant communication with those that share the vision of the future."


All roadmaps have been released to and discussed with the public at the TRANSFORuM conference on 8 December 2014. They are now available in our library section.



The event was co-organised by the European Economic and Social Committee and took place at its premises (Rue Belliard, 99. B-1040 BRUSSELS). Click for map


Twitter hashtag of the conference:  #TRFbrussels






Conference agenda

Plenary Session 1: Challenges and Solutions in Europe and Around the World

Room JDE 62


Welcome by the host

Stefan Back, EESC


TRANSFORuM in a nutshell – Purpose, Focus and Approach

Siegfried Rupprecht, Rupprecht Consult, TRANSFORuM consortium


“The Bigger Picture. Transport challenges from a Global Perspective"

Prof. Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (confirmed)


“Distance to target - What the data tells us about the scale of the challenge"

Alfredo Sánchez Vicente, European Environment Agency


Coffee & Tea


The essence of TRANSFORuM’s roadmaps across all thematic challenges

Ralf Brand, Rupprecht Consult, TRANSFORuM project coordinator


The TRANSFORuM “Recommendations” and “Strategic Outlook”

Jens Schippl (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology) and Karen Anderton (University of Oxford) (TRANSFORuM consortium)

Atrium 5


 Lunch break

Results: The Stakeholders-driven Roadmaps

The TRANSFORuM Roadmaps in detail (Parallel session A)


Room JDE 62

Room JDE 51


Achieving clean transport in cities and CO2-free city logistics

Completing and maintaining the European high-speed rail network

Thematic group representative: Claus Hedegaard Sørensen (DTU)

Moderator: Lars-Göran Mattsson (KTH)

Watch video

Thematic group leader: Yves Crozet (LET)

Moderator: David Banister (University of Oxford)

Panel Discussion and Stakeholder Views

  • Gisela Nacken (City of Aachen)
  • Krzystof Kamieniecki (EESC)
  • Zdenka Simonovic (City of Ljubljana)
  • Arne Melse  (DHL Express)
  • Robert Stüssi (AVERE)
  • Mark Major (European Commission)

Questions & answers from the floor

Panel Discussion and Stakeholder Views

    • Joachim Fried (EESC)
    • Alberto Mazzola (FS Italiane)
    • Anna Gigantino (European Railway Agency)
    • Alain Berger (Alstom)
    • Frank Jost (European Commission)
    • Trevor Garrod (European Passengers Federation)

    Questions & answers from the floor

    Foyer in front of room JDE 62

    Foyer in front of room JDE 51


    Coffee & Tea

    Coffee & Tea



     The TRANSFORuM Roadmaps in detail (Parallel session B)

    Room JDE 62

    Room JDE 51


    Shifting road freight to rail and waterborne transport

    Defining the framework for a multimodal transport information, management and payment system

    Thematic group leader: Jonas Åkerman (KTH)

    Moderator: Gunnar Lindberg (TOI)

    Thematic group leader: Florian Kressler (AustriaTech)

    Moderator: Eric Sampson (ambassador for ITS UK)

    Panel Discussion and Stakeholder Views

    • Kathrin Obst (European Federation of Inland Ports)
    • Stefan Back (EESC)
    • Armand Toubol (European Freight and Logistics Leaders Forum and NEWOPERA)
    • Tom Zunder (Rail Freight & Logistics Research Group)
    • Daniel Geraskov (Deutsche Bahn)
    • Ole Körrefjord (Hector Rail)

    Questions & answers from the floor

    Panel Discussion and Stakeholder Views

    • Jan Simons (EESC)
    • Johanna Despoina Tzanidaki (TomTom, International Traffic Foundation)
    • Risto Kulmala (Finnish Transport Agency)
    • Ivo Cré (POLIS)
    • Jarl Eliassen(UITP)

    Questions & answers from the floor


    Proceed to plenary venue

    Plenary Session 2: The Road Ahead – Recommendations beyond the Horizon

    Room JDE 62


    Panel Discussion and Stakeholder Views

    Impulse statement and moderator

    Stefan Back, EESC

    Representatives of the following cross-cutting areas:

    • Policy (legislative)

    Michael Cramer, European Parliament

    • Policy (executive)

    Rolf Diemer, European Commission

    • Users

    Trevor Garrod, European Passengers Federation

    • Science

    Laetitia Dablanc, IFSTTAR

    • Industry

    Lars-Göran Rosengren, Volvo Group

    • Public Transport

    Brigitte Ollier, UITP

    • Cities

    Mary-Ann Schreurs, Eindhoven


    "Clean – Smart – Safe. Transport for the next decade"

    Magda Kopczyńska, European Commission, DG MOVE, Director Innovative and Sustainable Mobility

    Foyer in front of room JDE 62


    Cocktail Reception

    The TRANSFORuM Video

    See and hear the essence of TRANSFORuM in just 2:35 minutes.