THE FUTURE OF HIGH-SPEED RAIL. Comments wanted on draft roadmap.

26.09.2014 |

The European Commission’s White Paper on Transport set the goal. TRANSFORuM is developing roadmaps towards them; with systematic input of practitioners and stakeholders. See the draft results and a summary of key conclusions.

Snapshot conclusions.


  • Tripling the length of HSR network is to be understood as tripling the demand for HSR (and the roadmap is a way to identify how);
  • There is a need to consider many economic, social and territorial features in the design of HSR models - there's no automatic designing of a HSR network;
  • The extension of the HSR network doesn't necessary means (or doesn't necessary go through) the construction of new high-speed lines;
  • There is often not sufficient demand on every cross-border links to justify the building of high-speed lines;
  • The needs are to be identified nationally first before aiming at a European network, and differences will be underlined through such analysis;
  • Not all intercity links are relevant for building a high-speed line.

The actual draft roadmap can be found in our library.

Eventually, the final version will be released and discussed during TRANSFORuM's final conference in Brussels on December 8 2014.