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Urban MobilityGeneralEurotransport magazine features article about TRANSFORuM.


Eurotransport cover page"The Roadmap to achieve EU goals on urban mobility" is the title of an article written by seven TRANSFORuM team members in the latest issue of the Eurotransport magazine. [les mer]

Urban MobilityFreightHighspeed RailITSGeneralAll TRANSFORuM results out now in four different formats.


TRANSFORuM outputs overview tableTRANSFORuM outputs overview tableWe are proud to present the main project outputs in a whole range of formats. [les mer]

Urban MobilityFreightHighspeed RailITSGeneralTRANSFORuM releases summary versions of all key outputs.


For our time-pressed audience we summarised our key findings and conclusions in a series of summary documents. [les mer]

Urban MobilityFreightHighspeed RailITSGeneralTRANSFORuM provides input to European Parliament hearing.


The TRAN Committee of the European Parliament invited TRANSFORuM for input to the hearing: "WHITE PAPER ON TRANSPORT: taking stock and the way forward towards sustainable mobility."[les mer]

Urban MobilityFreightHighspeed RailITSGeneralRelease of 5th and final TRANSFORuM newsletter.


We have just released our last newsletter with information about TRANSFORuM's key outputs.[les mer]

Urban MobilityFreightHighspeed RailITSGeneralRevised Roadmaps released!


Thanks to the generous constructive feedback at the TRANSFORuM conference in Brussels on 8 December 2014 we were able to revise and update our four Roadmaps. [les mer]

GeneralParticularly pretty endorsement of TRANSFORuM Roadmaps


Ralfine and Henningine posing for TRANSFORuMThat's what happens at Carnival in Cologne ...[les mer]

Urban MobilityFreightHighspeed RailITSGeneralAll main TRANSFORuM final deliverables publicly available.


Roadmaps, Recommendations and Strategic Outlook are now available![les mer]

Urban MobilityFreightHighspeed RailITSGeneralTRANSFORuM Roadmaps have been released!


Our team has been working for almost two years to consult with experts, practitioners, policy makers etc. in the field of transport, to develop four "stakeholder-driven" roadmaps towards the implementation of the White Paper on Transport.[les mer]

Urban MobilityFreightHighspeed RailITSGeneralInformation about strike on 8 December available.


With some robust advance planning it should be possible to circumvent the effects of the strike that has been announced for the Brussels region for 8 December - right the day of our final conference. [les mer]

Urban MobilityFreightHighspeed RailITSGeneralThe TRANSFORuM Video released.


Take the time (2:35 minutes) to see and hear the essence about the TRANSFORuM project and our forthcoming conference. [les mer]

GeneralD5.2: Good practice in the context of delivering the White Paper.


TRANSFORuM's latest deliverable (D5.2) has just been approved by the European Commission. [les mer]

GeneralUrban MobilityFreightHighspeed RailITS4th Newsletter released.


Our latest newsletter features updates of our recent four stakeholder events, details about our big event on 8 December, about our draft roadmaps and an interview with José Viegas, Secretary General of the International Transport Forum. [les mer]



The European Commission specified a vision for MIMPS in its Transport White Paper. We listened to stakeholders to gather ideas how this could be reached. Take a look at (and comment) on the draft roadmap. For the hasty reader: Check out some key conclusions. [les mer]

Highspeed RailGeneralTHE FUTURE OF HIGH-SPEED RAIL. Comments wanted on draft roadmap.


The European Commission’s White Paper on Transport set the goal. TRANSFORuM is developing roadmaps towards them; with systematic input of practitioners and stakeholders. See the draft results and a summary of key conclusions. [les mer]