Draft roadmap towards clean urban mobility available for comments.

26.09.2014 |

TRANSFORuM is getting close to releasing its final roadmaps towards the goals of the European Commission’s White Paper on Transport. Feel free to comment on the latest draft. Here are some snapshot conclusions from the roadmap on clean urban mobility:

  • The urban transport goal of the White Paper, with its dual targets to halve the use of conventionally fuelled passenger cars and provide CO2-free city logistics by 2030 is a significant challenge that must to be posited as an element in a wider approach towards sustainable, competitive and resource efficient urban mobility in Europe;
  • The technological transformation of passenger and freight transport in European cities currently moves ahead too slowly, and could not alone fulfil the goal. Efforts to control the volumes of car and truck traffic and provide for convenient alternatives are at least as important for the cities of Europe as is the substitution of conventionally-fuelled vehicles with alternatively propelled ones;
  • The diversity of European cities in term of starting conditions, available options, and local priorities for urban transport transformations must be taken into account. The diversity is a challenge for reaching a joint European goal, but also an advantage in term of exploring different opportunities, approaches and pathways of change in urban mobility systems.
  • The single most important element for a successful a transformation towards sustainable resource efficient urban mobility in European cities is to ensure ongoing dialogues and collaborations involving stakeholders at city, national, and European levels. Public authorities are not only to act a regulators in such a process but more as catalysts for stakeholder-driven transformations.

The draft roadmap is available in our library section.

Eventually, the final version will be released and discussed during TRANSFORuM's final conference in Brussels on December 8 2014.