With the input from stakeholders like you TRANSFORuM has constructed four road-maps towards the implementation of the European White Paper on Transport. Thank you!

Benvenuti TRANSFORuM

TRANSFORuM fornisce una piattaforma per le parti interessate di tutte le aree del settore dei trasporti in Europa per lo sviluppo di una visione comune e di strategie di come quattro obiettivi principali del Libro bianco del 2011 sui trasporti possono essere raggiunti. Le nostre supposizioni sono che delle politiche dovrebbe essere basata su una conoscenza approfondita delle posizioni di tutti gli stakeholder e che un'azione coordinata è più efficace di tentativi da solista. Transforum si concentra sui seguenti quattro obiettivi principali del Libro bianco:

Urban Mobility

Halve the use of ‘conventionally fuelled’ cars in urban transport by 2030; phase them out in cities by 2050. Achieve essentially CO2-free city logistics in major urban centres by 2030.



Thirty per cent of road freight over 300 km should shift to other modes such as rail or waterborne transport by 2030, and more than 50 % by 2050, facilitated by efficient and green freight corridors. To meet this goal will also require appropriate infrastructure to be developed.

Highspeed Rail

By 2050, complete a European high-speed rail network. Triple the length of the existing high-speed rail network by 2030 and maintain a dense railway network in all Member States. By 2050 the majority of medium-distance passenger transport should go by rail.


Ultimately, we will develop a roadmap for the implementation of these White Paper goals, combined with a strategic outlook and concrete recommendations for policy and implementers. The process towards these outputs is based on a set of interlinked steps, starting with

  • an analysis of the current situation (policies, funding mechanisms, actors, trends),

  • followed by the identification of main challenges and barriers and

  • lastly, an in-depth description of contemporary best practice under the heading “Transformation is possible!”

All of these steps and final outputs will have to be based on the views of and reality-tested by the key actors in all of the above areas. Therefore, TRANSFORuM brings together a comprehensive sample of these stakeholders in a series of face-to-face events, validates their results through targeted interviews and stimulates and moderates lively online discussions.


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